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Bir Gülen Adam Portresi

Orthodontic Clinic
Transparent Dental Plaque / Clear Aligner / Invisalign

Transparent plaque treatment or orthodontics without wire is the treatment using transparent plaques prepared for the person without the use of metal or porcelain wires.It is used in many orthodontic disorders such as clear plaque treatment or non-wireless orthodontic teeth crowding, gaping teeth, jaw enlargement in the treatment of false bite.

Advantages of transparent plate treatment
Transparent plate has an aesthetic appearance
Since the transparent plate can be removed,
the treatment can be interrupted at any time
In transparent plate treatment, there is no restriction on eating and oral hygiene is easier
In transparent plate treatment, the feeling of pain and discomfort is minimal
Since the transparent plate is smooth, there are no cuts, wounds or stinging on the cheeks and lips
Transparent plate can give easier and faster results in some cases

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